Balloon Ninjas

Balloon Ninjas began as a business first imagined 5 years ago after a birthday party for Jim's daughter, when a balloon-animal kit purchased for party entertainment led to his fascination with the concept of creating art with balloons, chiefly to bring smiles to children's faces. When he started getting requests from family, friends, and acquaintances to entertain at their kids' birthday parties, he decided to train in the secret art of balloons so that he could bring smiles to even more children's faces through "Balloons By Jim," the original title of Balloon Ninjas. In the following years, he expanded his availability beyond just birthday parties to include events, special orders, and weddings. A year ago, Jim was joined by his wife, Joy, and he began training her in the secret art of balloons. Their experiences balloon-twisting together have involved carnivals, parades, charity events, and even a dachshund dog race!


Balloon Ninjas is the fresh, updated face of Balloons By Jim. We hope you find our website useful, relevant, and easy to navigate. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know at



Let's have some fun!!